Caterina Vezzoli

Caterina Vezzoli is a psychologist, a Jungian Training Analyst with the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich and the Centro Italiano Psicologia in Italy, and president of the Philemon Foundation. With an active interest in the flowering of medieval women’s mysticism during the first millennium, neuroscience, the psychoid unconscious, and synchronicity, she is one of the editors of Jung Today, 2009; and has published widely, including in Europe Many Souls, 2016; Time and the Psyche, 2017, Manuale di Psichiatria e Psicologia Clinica,2017; ARAS Connections: Image and Archetype, 2019. During 2021 two ofher articles on the Covid-19 pandemic have appeared: ‘Art in support of Life.Caravaggio and the Plague’, in the Journal of Analytical Psychology; and‘Encounters in the silent land of Covid-19 quarantine: Art and Literature’, in Jung Journal San Francisco.

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