All speakers are members of IGAP unless introduced here.
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Biographies of Visiting Speakers 2021-2022

All speakers are members of IGAP unless introduced below.

Dr Andreas Schweizer

Dr Andreas Schweizer is a practicing Jungian analyst in Zürich. He studied theology and comparative religion in Zürich as well as Egyptology with Prof. Erik Hornung inBasel. He has been a training analyst since 1986, first at the C.G. Jung Institute in Küsnacht and currently with ISAP-Zürich. He is president of the Psychology Club, founded in 1916 by C.G. Jung, and was for fourteen years President of the Eranos Conference in Ascona. He has published numerous essays and books, including The Sungod’s Journey through the Netherworld (Cornell University Press, 2010).

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Dr Yoram Inspector

Dr Yoram Inspector is a Consultant Psychiatrist and a Jungian Analyst, member of the SAP and the New Israeli Jungian Association.  He was trained in Medicine and Psychiatry in Israel. His medical doctorate explored the psychiatric aspects of heart transplantation. He worked for many years in the field of Eating Disorders Psychiatry and for the last eleven years he has been working full time in the NHS at the Psychological Medicine Unit of St Mark’s Hospital which provides psychotherapy to patients who suffer from various gastrointestinal diseases and disorders. 

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Verna Lyus

Verna Lyus was born and grew up on the Caribbean island of Trinidad & Tobago. She arrived in the UK, aged 19, to pursue a career in nursing. Her career has taken her on a journey through nursing, midwifery, a degree in psychology, teaching, an MA in Educational Guidance and becoming a head of department at an FE college.  She writes: “All of this increased my curiosity about the recurring patterns of emotional difficulties in human behaviour, including my own. Psychology was but a window, psychotherapy demanded my attention. The MSc Integrative Psychotherapy course allowed me to understand my developmental narrative and find the frame that speaks to me. My integration comes through a developmental, humanistic, psychodynamic and transpersonal lens that provides me with a secure base from which to meet the other and to understand their journey”.

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Katerina Sarafidou

Katerina Sarafidou is the Head of Research and former Jungian Director of the MSc Psychodynamics of Human Development run by Birkbeck College and the British Psychotherapy Foundation. She is an honorary member of the British Jungian Analytic Association and is carrying out academic research at the Warburg Institute on Jungian theory and German aesthetics. She is one of the three founders of The Circle of Analytical Psychology, which offers a 2-year course of study to Jungian analysts on Jung’s Liber Novus.

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Maggie Baron

Maggie Baron is a founding member of the British and Irish Sandplay Society, set up by Joel Rhyce Menuhin an IGAP analyst at the behest of Dora Kalff. She has served on the ISST board and also BISS executive as Co-chair and Co-chair of Training.   She has presented at International Congresses and is a Teaching Member of both societies. She works as a Sandplay Therapist in private practice in London.

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Caterina Vezzoli

Caterina Vezzoli is a psychologist, a Jungian Training Analyst with the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich and the Centro Italiano Psicologia in Italy, and president of the Philemon Foundation. With an active interest in the flowering of medieval women’s mysticism during the first millennium, neuroscience, the psychoid unconscious, and synchronicity, she is one of the editors of Jung Today, 2009; and has published widely, including in Europe Many Souls, 2016; Time and the Psyche, 2017, Manuale di Psichiatria e Psicologia Clinica,2017; ARAS Connections: Image and Archetype, 2019. During 2021 two ofher articles on the Covid-19 pandemic have appeared: ‘Art in support of Life.Caravaggio and the Plague’, in the Journal of Analytical Psychology; and‘Encounters in the silent land of Covid-19 quarantine: Art and Literature’, in Jung Journal San Francisco.

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Tommaso Priviero

Tommaso Priviero holds a PhD from University College London in History of Psychology and is a trainee psychotherapist at the SAP. His first book (The Line Lucretius-Pasolini: Ancient and Modern Face of Intellectual Unconventionality), published in Italian in 2016, is a study of eros and poetry in Lucretius and Epicurean philosophy. Of “Fire” and “Form”: Jung, Dante, and the Making ofLiber Novus (Routledge) is his first monograph in English.

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Christopher Wagner

Christopher Wagner obtained degrees in History from Northwestern University and the University of Cambridge, his doctoral dissertation focusing on the nature and development of Jung’s alchemical writings. With sponsorship from the Philemon Foundation, he is currently working, in collaboration with Martin Liebscher, on the release of Jung’s lecture series on alchemy, delivered in the years, 1940–41, at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (E.T.H.)

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Rupert Tower

Rupert Tower is a psychologist, psychotherapist and Jungian Analyst (SAP) in private practice in Hampstead. Previously he worked in the Arts and as an Applied Social Psychologist and Director of an international qualitative research consultancy. His initial training involved a synthesis between a Classical Jungian therapeutic approach and Buddhist contemplative practice. He has published articles on Social Psychology, Market Research and Jung’s concept of the Shadow in organizations. Currently he teaches at the SAP and other Jungian organisations.  

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George Bright

George Bright is a supervising analyst of theSociety of Analytical Psychology working in private practice in West London. He is also one of the founders of The Circle of Analytical Psychology which provides a two-year course to read Jung’s Red Book, Liber Novus.

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Julia Paton

Julia Paton is a Jungian analyst and member of the Society of Analytical Psychology, working as an analyst and supervisor in private practice. She is personally interested in Jung and nature.

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Dr Mary Addenbrook

Dr Mary Addenbrook is a training analyst in the SAP and a member of AJA.  She worked in the NHS in aSubstance Misuse Service as a practitioner and researcher, and this culminated in a doctorate at the University of Essex. Her thesis is An Enquiry into Psychological Aspects of Recovery from Dependence on Psychoactive Substances, based on the personal statements of 27 patients who agreed to be interviewed and recorded and whom she knew well through a weekly group at the hospital over many years.

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