How to Apply

Requirements and process to join the analytic training programme

Entry requirements – IGAP’s programme is designed for people who:

Please note that there will be no intake in September 2024.  IGAP hopes to resume intake in September 2025 with applications due by the end of March 2025.

IGAP makes no discrimination on grounds of nationality, race, gender, sexual orientation or political or religious persuasion. IGAP also makes no discrimination on grounds of disability. Our entry requirements are not set in stone, nor does fulfilling them guarantee a place on the programme. Life and work experience are always taken into account.

IGAP does not give automatic credit for prior learning with other training organisations. However, some credit may be given if the training has been with an IAAP member organisation, and analysis undertaken with an IAAP analyst.

Details of application procedure, including our Appeals Guide can be obtained from IGAP office. Applications to join the programme must be received by the office no later than 31st March of each year. Each person who goes through to interview will meet with three IGAP analysts and an external reviewer, whose joint recommendation will be ratified by the IGAP membership.

Details about admissions, stages of preparations and fees are available in the pdf brochure below.
If you would like to discuss this programme of preparation or for further information about the application process, please contact us on